Dear Beautiful People,

While you are waiting… time does not stand still.  Life keeps happening.

We are all waiting for something… a dream to come true, a significant other, a husband or a wife, a new job or promotion, a baby, an apology, a new life, a new opportunity, a pet, a new house or car, forgiveness, happiness, fulfillment, to be loved, to lose weight or gain weight, a new gadget, another chance.  The list goes on and on but I think you get the point.  🙂

While you are waiting… life is full of twists and turns, victory and defeat.  You have to make a choice to keep on living, believing and doing your part even when life doesn’t feel so great.  Some days will be brighter than others.  Always remember every single day we live to see is a gift.  Count your blessings over and over again to remind you of the light in your life.  Some days you will feel like you can conquer the world, and some days you will feel the weight of the world.

While you are waiting… surround yourself with loving and  caring people, pray, meditate, exercise gratitude daily, listen to songs that will inspire you and encourage you, learn about yourself, read positive and uplifting messages, encourage others and yourself.  Love others!  Love yourself!  🙂  Xo




Moving Mountains

Dear Beautiful People,

Moving Mountains… sometimes that is what life feels like.  Do you ever feel like you are moving only to feel like you are in the same place you started?  Well, if you feel like you are moving mountains then I want you know you are UNSHAKEABLE, PATIENT, UNIQUE, DETERMINED, FOCUSED, CREATIVE, RESILIENT, BEAUTIFUL, COMMITTED and CREATED with PURPOSE.  Wow, YOU are powerful!  I haven’t had much experience moving mountains we see in nature, but I can only imagine what it would take to move one.  Whew!  Be encouraged and keep moving.  Don’t give up.  You are growing and going places.  Let’s go!                                               

Cheering for you,


Life is fleeting…

Question: When was the last time…     THINK

You said, “I love you.”

You kissed a loved one on the cheek.

You looked up at the sky, sun and the moon.

You told your spouse how much he or she means to you and how much you appreciate your partner.

You said thank you for the gift of life.

You thought about your life without a loved one.

You expressed your love with your actions and your words.

You did your best to not take people for granted.

You said a prayer.

You meditated.

You asked for forgiveness and/or forgave yourself.

You said, “thank you.”  Those two words create love!

You let the loved one be more important than being right.

You cared.

You listened to a song that made you feel like you can conquer the world… then pressed repeat more than three times.

You opened your heart to love.

You really let it go.

You smiled and kept walking when life didn’t feel good.

You took a deep breath during the day and realized how important each single breath was… and still is if you are reading this post.  😉

You really moved on from what is holding you back.

You got unstuck.

You held on to your faith.

You focused on someone other than yourself.

You hugged someone.  Hugs create love!

You smiled at someone.

You thought about how do you treat people.

You told someone, “No, you go first.”

You gave with a cheerful heart.

You took the time to think about life… the gift of life.

Now is always the best time to do the things that will help us appreciate life more, the people close to us and people all around us.  Let’s appreciate life – you and me!  🙂