Searching for Happiness

Many people are searching for happiness.  The interesting thing about the search is — it is never-ending.  Happiness is not a big catch, pot of gold, grand slam or one-time thing.

The world gifts us with people, love, energy, colors, art, music, nature, thoughts and faith that grant us permission to live and breathe happiness — yet we are always searching.  Maybe it is because we are waiting for this euphoric or big moment.  In actuality, happiness is here for us to experience in the “moments of life” with each breath we take.

Happiness is an attitude, a way of thinking that allows us to see a glimpse of light in a dark situation.

Let’s explore the game of baseball…  For instance, if a baseball player hits a home run — he is happy along with the coaches, team and fans.  They all celebrate!  However, they are continuously looking forward to the next big play.  In between each play there are setbacks, disappointment, frustration (striking out, an out, foul balls, a call they don’t agree with).  LIFE ADJUSTMENTS!  No matter what happens… the team continues to play and the coaches continue to coach while embracing the “moments of happiness” in each inning.

Therefore, we have to continue in the game of life.  Embrace your happiness!  Embrace your family and friends happiness!  Embrace a stranger’s happiness!

I urge you to try your very best to not miss the “moments of happiness” while you are continuously searching.  Learn to find happiness instead of just searching for it throughout life.

Bask in Happiness Beautiful People!

A Letter to Love

Dear Love,

I hope this letter reaches you with an open heart.  I’m writing because you seem to come up in a lot of conversations. 

Many people ask tons of questions about you.  

They want answers to questions like…

What is love?

Where is love?

Why does love hurt?

Does anyone love me?

Here is what I’ve come up with so far.  I’ll share my thoughts with you.  I hope you will write back.

I believe Love is a gift for us: to be, do, say, express, feel, see, give, share, spread, tell, receive

LOVE is compassion and kindness.

I know LOVE is real because I see it in a mother’s eyes when she holds her child.

I see LOVE when a father gives his child a piggyback ride.

I see LOVE when the bus driver waits for a passenger.

I feel LOVE when someone holds the door open with a smile.

LOVE is global.  It covers every inch of the world.

LOVE is in your heart… each beat!  Keep LOVE in your heart and share it with a hurting world.

LOVE touches, heals and transforms.

Yes, it is true… love seems to hurt every now and then.

However, I believe it is not love that hurts.  The hurt is a result of an action or lack thereof, not love itself.  Let us not get love twisted, lol!

God is Love… unconditional LOVE.

LOVE is a simple solution for the world, problems, friendships, relationships… you name it!  Have you tried it? 

 Now is the time to give LOVE a try. 

Spread Love Beautiful People!

Shine On

Each day we live is another gift to spread love.  We do not know what the day may bring.  However, there are many jewels we may bring with us every second of the day.  Life gets hard every now and then but life is harder without love.  I encourage you to shine on.

Shine On

As I wake up in the morning and my feet touch the ground

Pause and think… I am alive

Say thank you with a smile for the gift of life

I do not know what the day may bring

What I do know is I will carry love, kindness, positive energy, patience, hope and determination with me every second of the day

I will carry these things in my pockets as treasured jewels

In order to shine throughout the day… shine on


Beautiful People

Every day we live is a precious gift for us…

To love

To say thank you

To offer help

To receive help

To say my pleasure

To love again

To ask for forgiveness

To forgive others

To forgive ourselves

To try again

To reflect

To appreciate the little things

To appreciate the big things

To smile

To laugh

To be kind

To help a friend

To help a stranger

To learn

To share

To grow

To do the few things we don’t feel like doing

To be still

To meditate

To let go of unhealthy things

To practice healthy things

To cry

To heal

To hold on

To keep believing

To embrace life

To get back up if we fall

To look up

To stand

To shout

To have hope

To be the Beautiful People we are

Spread Love…